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Mjölnir [mjø'lnǝr]
The hammer of Thor. The world's most powerful weapon. Thor used the hammer to defeat the giants. When Thor threw the hammer it always returned to his hand.

All You Need Is Love is the sixth episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the twelfth episode in the series overall.


Desperate times fire up Magne and his crew as they go on a risky mission. The Jutuls face an unforeseen enemy while a formidable ancient force awakens.


Magne, Wotan, Iman and Harry, accompanied by Halvor, set out to Jutul Industries. Magne pretends to want to hang a protest banner outside Jutul Industries to impress Signy, to make Laurits give him the key to unlock the old warehouse where the ancient forge was located. Wotan distracts the guards while the others sneak into the old warehouse. The guards inform Fjor and he sets out to the warehouse. In the warehouse, Iman keeps guard while Magne and Harry, along with Halvor manage to locate the ancient forge and start crafting Mjölnir. Meanwhile, Iman and Harry engage in a fight with Fjor who overpowers them and severely injures Harry. They manage to craft Mjölnir and Magne manages to escape while the others get caught. As a result, Iman and Halvor are fired from the hospital. Magne tries throwing the hammer, but his powers don't return. At Jutulheim, Fjor is pissed that the tax authorities have the upper hand. Saxa suggests to appeal emotionally rather than rationally. Magne notices the pet in Laurits' room. Fjor organizes a press conference and says that they will be moving their production abroad to Asia, where the governments were more accomodating. The Norway government, on realizing that many people will lose their jobs if this happens, intervenes and allows them to continue their production in Edda. Turid gets a new job at the supermarket. As storms rage in the skies again, the news of the Jutuls' victory enrages Magne, who discovers that it was lightning that created Thor. As he takes his hammer, he is confronted by Laurits, who realizes that Magne lied to him. Magne leaves anyway and awakens the hammer, causing his powers to return. At Jutulheim, Fjor and Ran find out that Saxa gave the key to Laurits and they punished her, before leaving to kill Laurits. Turid goes on a date with Erik. Magne goes to Jutulheim to face Fjor, only to find an injured Saxa there. Elsewhere, Fjor and Ran are about to kill Laurits, when he says that he possesses the only thing that can kill Magne. As they are about to leave, Magne appears in front of them and attacks them with Mjölnir, but they escape. As the episode ends, Laurits releases Jörmungandr into the sea as Ran and Fjor watch by the shore.





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  • In this episode, Magne and Saxa have sex. Although, it appears to have all been an illusion. Because, as the making-love scene happens, they are in the other realm, and when Magne pulls his head up from kissing Saxa, Isolde appears in her place. Then, Magne wakes up on the floor with his shirt off and his pants still on, with Saxa sitting away from him. Which could mean that she was trying to distract Magne so she could take the hammer.
  • Saxa tells Magne that she tried to lift Mjölnir, but she said it was too heavy to lift off the floor.
  • Magne throwing Mjölnir for the first time. They've dismissed Magne because he renounced his powers, and believes even if he has the hammer, it's useless to him. Then they see him draw it, and looks of pure shock and terror cross their faces. He throws it, they bail out of their car, and the hammer flies through the car like it wasn't even there, setting the whole thing on fire, either through the friction of its passing or just its raw power, and then snaps back into Magne's hand, his eyes glowing blue with the power of the god of thunder. Thor lives. Giants, run.


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