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Freya [frej'a]
The most important goddess in Norse mythology. Goddess of love, fertility and devotion, but also associated with magic, war and wealth. Famous for her beauty which could enchant everyone.

Brothers in Arms is the first episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the seventh episode in the series overall.


A battle ends with a bang - and an ominous promise of violence. After visiting another realm, Magne hunts for allies while Vidar marshals his forces.


The second season picks up right where first season left off, with Magne calling up the lighting bolt from the sky to strike Vidar which ended up hurting him as well though nobody gets killed. Wenche was there watching them fight and then flew away turning into an eagle. Magne runs up to the mountains seeking for answers from Wenche, she takes him into a different realm where Magne finds out that he has to wait for the battle and gather up with the others and he is not alone, the Jutuls on the other hand are on a war council worrying about Magne's growing powers. Fjor decides to leave his family and live with Gry, disappointing Vidar. Magne tells Laurits that he thinks he might be a reincarnation of Thor to which Laurits responds by asking him if he was high. Magne briefly explains to him about the Jutuls and the upcoming war between the Gods and Giants and asks him to be on his side in the great battle, but Laurits still finds it hard to believe Magne. Jutul Industries are on the verge of answering many questions on the pollution of Edda, Saxa has started taking over the business. Magne finds his first ally Iman to fight the giants, who is the embodiment of Freyja. She has powers of mental manipulation, as the two of them find out in the party hosted by Laurits at the Seier House. Laurtis feels down when his crush Jens does not show up and confesses to his mother that he feels like an outsider because he has no similarities with his and Magne's father Asbjørn, and because of his sexuality. Turid finally tells Laurits that 17 years ago she had had an affair with Vidar and that the man was in fact, Laurits' biological father. Magne and Iman ask Harry to help with making Mjölnir and Iman convinces him with her powers. On returning home Magne finds Laurits and Vidar hugging and finds it extremely hard to accept that his little brother is also the son of the Jutul patriarch who tried to kill him.





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