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Erik Eidsvoll (portrayed by Odd-Magnus Williamson) is a recurring character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.


Erik is the History teacher at Edda High School, and Isolde's father. Erik is genuinely nice and caring, and does his best to be supportive to Magne, but still ends up working against him many times. After Isolde's death Erik continues to teach at Edda secondary, though with a more subdued attitude. He and Turid Seier begin to develop a sort of mutual affection for one another - something Laurits quickly picks up on during dinner one night.

In the series[]

Season 1[]

Erik is first introduced as a teacher, then later is revealed to be Isolde's father. Magne finds this kind of awkward at first when he's over at their house one day.

Magne shows up at Erik's door some time after Isolde was killed. Erik had been going through some of Isolde's things. He wonders what to do with his daughter's diary; Magne throws it in the trash, saying that she deserved her secrets. Erik embraces Magne as if he were his son and the two cry.

Erik remains Magne's friend, even after situations where he ends up working against him. Unaware of the underlying plot of the Jutul's, and of Magne's strange new powers, he only thinks he is doing what is best for the seemingly troubled boy.

Season 2[]

Erik comes up noticeably less in this season, more of a filler character for the main protagonists. He has grown a lot emotionally since Isolde’s death and shaved his beard. Magne seeks out Erik to learn how to craft Mjolnir. Erik tells Magne that the hammer was crafted by dark elves in the enternal fire. He also apologizes for thinking Magne was wrong, when really he was right. Turid invites Erik over for a party that Laurits started so he could see a guy he liked from the diner. Erik doesn’t show and neither does the guy. And then Erik shows at the supermarket and greets Turid. Erik explains that he had exams to grade and that he couldn’t come. Laurits jumps in and asks about Loki. Laurits, seeing this as an opportunity to find out more about his powers, invites Erik over for dinner. Then, Magne and Laurits are out trying to make Mjolnir work, which makes them late, but they show up to the dinner in time. This gives both of them the chance to ask Erik about the old stories. Later on, Erik invites Turid out for a cup of coffee, and she doesn’t return till after dark. Giving Ran and Fjor the time to attack Laurits. This might pertain to the notion that Erik and Turid have maybe become a couple, or have decided to make their relationship physical, if they had not already.


Erik had always loved his daughter Isolde, even after she died he wouldn't stop thinking about her.

Because Erik doesn't know Magne is Thor and the Jutuls are giants, and probably wouldn't believe it if he did, he sees Magne as a troubled young man who needs help. . . even if he doesn't want it. Later though, he realizes that Magne was right and apologizes to him.


Erik has short red hair with gray strands from age, as well as light wrinkles. He has a full red beard, blue-gray eyes, and is mostly seen in warm clothing. This ranges from jackets to sweaters and more, typical of the cold weather in Norway. He sometimes wears glasses, but mostly in S2. In season 2, he shaves his beard and wears his glasses all the time.


Erik has one unnamed deceased wife and one deceased daughter, Isolde. Any other family is not mentioned in the series.


Isolde Eidsvoll[]

Erik had always loved his daughter Isolde, even after she died he still loves her. He was very close with his daughter, and though they did not see eye to eye on everything, Erik still understood Isolde’s anger for the factory and the pollution it caused, as well as many people getting sick from this pollution.

Magne Seier[]

Magne is Erik's student at Edda Secondary School. They have a good and respectable relationship with each other. Even though Erik doesn't know Magne is Thor and the Jutuls are giants, and probably wouldn't believe it if he did, he saw Magne as a troubled young man who needed help, even if he didn't want it. Later though, he realizes that Magne was right and apologizes to him.

Turid Seier[]

Erik starts to develop feelings for Magne and Laurits' mother. Some background evidence also points to the notion that their relationship may have become physical at a point, with Turid not coming home until late at night after a coffee date.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


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The character was not based on any mythological figures and we cannot say with certainty that his name was not chosen at random, just because it is a common name in Norway. However, there is one historical figure that may have served as inspiration: the Viking Erik O Vermelho (it is worth mentioning that the character in the series is red, as well as the Viking).

A Nordic explorer, Erik the Red, according to sources from medieval and Icelandic saga, was the founder of the first settlement in Greenland. The story still tells that the Viking did not adhere to the Christian religion, eventually preached by his wife and children, remaining true to his belief in the Norse gods.

Another way to look at Erik, is as if he is closely pictured as Mimir. He seems to be the most educated in general, and in Norse mythology and stories of the heroes and such, just as Mimir was renowned for his knowledge and wisdom. The protagonists are always seeking him for answers and knowledge based on the myths they portray.