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Fjor Jutul (portrayed by Herman Tømmeraas) is a main character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok. Fjor is a Giant (or Jotunn) like the rest of the Jutul family.


Theoretically, Fjor is the son of Vidar and Ran Jutul and Saxa's brother, but in the series is not clear if the Jutul are really blood-related or they are just playing a part.

Fjor is more than a thousand years old but he appears as a regular 19-year-old boy. He is charming, smart, and handsome - traits which earn him the admiration of many girls from Edda high school (and also boys like Laurits Seier), but Fjor has eyes only for one girl: Gry.

Throughout the series, Fjor develops good feelings and wants to be a better person. He tries to help Gry's family with money. He also informs Magne that he was correct about the toxic barrels from Jutul Industries, and reveals that they were going to be shipped away from Edda.

The name "Fjor" could be related as a diminutive of Þjóðvitnir, another epithet of the mythological Fenrir, somewhat relating the two figures.

In the series[]

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Fjor grew up with the mentality of being better than the humans around him.

At first, Fjor is the classic example of a "school's most popular boy" - snarky, full of himself, and more often than not, a bully.

However, he became softer as he got closer to humans and, more specifically, Gry. He came to realize the impact his family's factory has on the environment. Fjor grew tired of living a lie and expressed his desire to be a normal kid like his fellow classmates.

However, after the death of Vidar, Fjor started going bad again. He changed his mind about wanting to be normal, and he decided to be just like his father.


Very Handsome, he is known for being able to win over any girl at school, if he wanted to.




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Fjor exhibits all the standard abilities of a Giant which include super human strength, super human speed, super human durability, super human senses and a limited accelerated Regenerative healing factor. He can alter his appearance by increasing and decreasing his age. He can't be harmed by most modern weapons and can only be killed by weapons of the old world.



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  • It is not yet clear whether Fjor's name refers to the name of some other giant in Norse mythology. Like the rest of his family, however, his surname, Jutul, comes from the word "jotun", which means "giant". According to Edda Poética, the world of giants was Jotunheim, whose main city is Utgard.