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Chaos Monsters
Common name for a group of beasts in Norse mythology, that teamed up with the giants and fought against the gods. The most known are the Midgard serpent, the Fenrir wolf and the Hellhound.

Ginnungagap is the fourth episode of the first season of Ragnarok, and the fourth episode of the series overall.


A search for answers brings Magne back to a mysterious woman — and a meaningful mountain. Turid confronts Ran, and former BFFs Gry and Saxa get heated.


Magne continues Isolde's work in investigating the Jutuls and their role in Edda's water pollution problem while learning more about his abilities and evading the increasingly suspicious Jutuls. Magne's mother bonds with Isolde's father, Erik. Magne and the Jutul's son, Fjor, are both romantically interested in Gry, who seems to care about both. On a school trip up the mountains Magne confesses his love for Gry but she chooses to go off with Fjor. After seeing Vidar cutting up raw reindeer meat, Magne realizes that it matches the same blood from Isolde's jacket at the time of her death. Magne then deduces that Vidar was behind Isolde's death all along, and warns him that he will not get away with it. After Magne follows Fjor and Gry, Vidar sends Trym, the hellhound, to kill him. However, Trym proves to be no match for Magne. Gry notices that something is wrong with the Jutul family, including century-old photos and even older artwork showing the Jutuls physically unchanged from the present.







  • Magne chopping down a large pine tree with his fists. Just so he (and the audience) can see how powerful he now is.
  • This is the first episode where the Old World has been mentioned.
  • History class, discussing the Norse gods and giants, and Saxa predictably defends the giants being cast as "the bad guys of the story." Then Erik asks if there was something — or someone — the giants feared. Magne raises his hand. Cut to the next scene. The answer is left startlingly obvious for the audience... the giants feared Thor, and Magne is the reincarnation of Thor. So the giants are afraid of Magne.




  • Bathtub Scene: Ran takes a bath in a bathtub full of milk.
  • Blood-Splattered Warrior: Magne is covered in blood after killing Trym. Some of the blood is actually his own.
  • Class Trip: The class goes mountain climbing on the Ginnungagap.
  • Dictionary Opening: The episode begins with a dictionary entry about Chaos Monsters.
  • For Science!: Gry and Saxa have an argument in class. Gry starts to present her homework about how rich people that own companies disregard other people like her father who has developed a lung disease. Saxa interrupts her and argues that sometimes people die as a byproduct of "progress".
  • Internal Reveal: Gry discovers that the Jutuls are older than they pretend, and older than any human could be.
  • Jawbreaker: Vidar sends Trym after Magne to kill him. The beast manages to bite Magne's arm but he rips its jaw apart before it can hurt him more.
  • Love Confession: During a round of Spin the Bottle, Magne confesses that he has a crush on Gry. She later calls him out on confessing it in front of everyone.
  • Mythology Gag: In Norse Mythology, "Ginnungagap" is the name of the primordial void.
  • New Transfer Student: There is a new student in Magne's class, called Iman.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Gry discovers a secret room at the Jutul's with old paintings and photographs. One of the photos dates back to 1899.
  • The Reveal: While it has been heavily implied, this episode confirms that Magne is Thor.
  • Spin the Bottle: The kids play a variation of Spin the Bottle when they reach the top of the mountain. Instead of using the bottle they just have one of the students stand in the middle and turn around in a circle.
  • Their First Time: For Gry, when she sleeps with Fjor.
  • Title Drop: Erik tells the students that the mountain that they will hike in their class trip is called "Ginnungagap".