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Týr [ty:]
God of war in Norse mythology. Famed for his strength and great courage. Lost his right hand when he sacrificed himself in battle.

God Is God, Though All Men Death Had Tasted is the fourth episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the tenth episode in the series overall.


A patriarch passes - and a strange new creature is born. Magne tries to change, Laurits lashes out and Fjor charts a new path. Saxa and Iman step up.


Magne regrets killing Vidar, horrified that not only had he killed someone but that it was his brother Laurits' biological father and is afraid of losing his brother. Ran seems to develop human emotions and Saxa remains focused on their goal. The Jutul Industries statutes say that it must be the eldest son who takes over the business, but Saxa becomes the one incharge and on the other hand Fjor lets his human feelings for Gry bind him to her. Laurits is angry and upset with Magne, still refusing to believe that Vidar would actually kill him. Magne is devastated by both the fact that he had killed someone and that Laurits seemed to hate him now and decides that he cannot kill anyone else, which according to Wotan is not an option so he leaves the hammer to him. Laurits finds out that he has a tapeworm inside his stomach causing him to eat a lot. Gry tells Fjor that she and her mom are leaving the town and Fjor decides to come with her leaving Edda and not even attending Vidar's funeral. Iman tries to talk Magne out of giving up his powers but Magne doesn't change his mind disappointing Iman. He also tells her that no one should dare to hurt Laurits because he is a giant. Iman finds her new ally Harry, replacing Magne. Laurits condition starts to get even more severe and he gets rushed to the hospital, Laurits gives birth to Jörmungandr — the midgard serpent, which was treated as a tapeworm. He decides to take it home without telling anyone. Saxa tries to change Fjor's mind about leaving but Fjor doesn't seem to agree with her, which means Saxa gets total control over the Jutul Industries. Magne couldn't take that his own brother hates him due to what he is and what he did so to make this right he runs up to the mountains and scream at the top of his voice to the heavens requesting to take his powers his desperation gets so far that he even sits in the church and pray to the god he doesn't even believe in, for his powers to be taken due to huge regret of killing his brother's blood father in Vidar's funeral, and loses his powers. Fjor changes his mind about leaving the town with Gry and comes to the funeral and decides to avenge Vidar's death and finish what he started, Gry leaves the town and Fjor claims Vidar's ancient axe.





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