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Gry Isungset (portrayed by Emma Bones) is a former main character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.


A dedicated and well-educated student, Gry has always been kind to Magne Seier, although she doesn't always know how to deal with the boy's way of relating to people. She is the only one for whom Fjor Jutul has eyes, although she initially shows no interest in the boy (and giant!).

In the series[]

Season 1[]


Season 2[]

After the death of her father, she and her mother move away from Edda. Initially Fjor wanted to come with them but decided to stay in Edda which left Gry heartbroken and crying.


Like the other students, she doesn't know about the real existence of gods and giants, but she believes in justice, criticizing the monopoly and crimes of the Jutul Industry even though it costs him something.

Gry has a reluctant love interest for both Magne and Fjor. She's significantly less reluctant towards Fjor, and eventually gives in to him. She is reluctant towards Magne, although she does care about him a great deal as evident when she gives him a hug when she hears he's been kicked out of school on false charges.

While majorities of inhabitants of Edda has varying degree of weirdness censor which makes them ignoring something unusual around them, Gry proved herself to be the worst contender. Despite seeing all the odd artifacts in Vidar's office, and the pictures of the Jutul family throughout history, she doesn't think anything particularly strange is going on. Even when she takes a picture, labeled "1899," showing all four Jutuls, she simply returns it to Fjor with a comment that amounts to "yeah, your family's kinda weird." This should have raised some kind of alarm bell.






Isolde Eidsvoll[]

Gry and Isolde were friends before Isolde died.

Magne Seier[]

Gry and Magne became friends while they were working together on a group project for their class. He is one of Gry’s love interests. Although she doesn't always know how to deal with the Magne's way of relating to people, she has always been kind to him. Even when she hears about Magne being kicked out of school, she goes to him and gives him a big hug, which proves she cares about him a great deal.

Fjor Jutul[]

Fjor is one of Gry's love interests. She reveals that she had started reciprocating his interest in Season 1: Episode 4 "Ginnungagap". He is also implied to be her "first".

Erik Eidsvoll[]

Laurits Seier[]

Jan Isungset[]

Bjørg Isungset[]




Season 1[]

Season 2[]


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  • The character's name appears to be based on the giant Gríðr, mother of Víðarr, one of Odin's sons. In mythology, Gríðr saves Thor from one of the times that Loki tries to kill him. It is worth mentioning, however, that, as with other characters, it is quite possible that only the name of the mythological figure served as inspiration, and not her story.
  • It can be inferred that her strong weirdness censor compared to everyone else was because fate has 'hardwired' Gry's brain to ignore the gravity of peculiar things pertaining Jutul family and with it, chances of her involved with the imminent war between reincarnated Gods of Asgard and Jutuls even at slightest.