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Isolde Eidsvoll (2003-2020) (portrayed by Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin) is a recurring character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.


Isolde was an environmentalist who hated the Jutul Family because their factories had been causing a lot of pollution in Edda. She enjoyed being outdoors and became fast friends with Magne. When Vidar discovered that Isolde knew the truth about his factory, he killed her.

In the series[]

Season 1[]

On his first day of school, Magne sits beside Isolde. Later at lunch he sits beside her again, and she remarks that he won't be very popular if he sits with her. He doesn't care.

She, Magne, and Gry are assigned together in a group project. One day, Isolde invites Magne over to her house, where he discovers that Erik is her father. This is also when it's unintentionally revealed that Isolde is a lesbian - and has a crush on Saxa. Heriary falls open on a page of Saxa, accompanied by various doodles. Isolde swears Magne into secrecy.

Isolde and Magne climb the mountain to go paragliding, which is when Magne receives a distressing text from Laurits about his mother (that later turns out to be nothing). He reluctantly leaves Isolde to paraglide down on her own. This, unfortunately, results in her demise, as the melting glaciers have revealed a cavern which Isolde investigates. She comes to learn that Jutul industries are leaking toxic waste into the town's drinking water. She takes photos and hides her phone, which is later found by her father, just before she is killed by Vidar.

Season 2[]









Her father, Erik, teaches history at Edda Secondary School. Her mother died of cancer at age 38.


Magne Seier[]

Magne was assigned to sit next to Isolde after his brother took the seat next to Gry. The two became fast friends.

Saxa Jutul[]

Isolde "always" had a crush on Saxa and doodled in her notebook about her. Magne saw a page from it when it fell out of her bag, and she told him not to tell anyone about it. Saxa tried to discourage Isolde from going up to the glacier because it was dangerous due to the landslides.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


Isolde Eidsvoll/Gallery


  • Isolde was a lesbian.
  • She had been placing markers on the glacier for the last few years to show how much it had shrunk.
  • She ran her own YouTube channel where she talked about the environment.


  • Missing Mom: Her mother died of cancer when she was a young child.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: Isolde had a crush on Saxa, but it is unreciprocated and she never admitted it to her.
  • Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy: She was in love with Saxa, who is the daughter of the head teacher and the richest family in Edda, and also very popular.
  • Bury your gays: when a gay character is introduced pretty much for the explicit reason of being killed off, usually to advance the plot or give the straight character something to rally behind (as seen even in season 2 where Magne keeps seeing her in his dreams)