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The Midgard Serpent [mi`dgarsårmǝn]
The most dangerous monster in Norse mythology. Child of Loki, and therefore, part of the giant family. According to old legends, Thor defeated the Midgard Serpent in the final battle at Ragnarok.

Know Yourself is the fifth episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the eleventh episode in the series overall.


In a seismic shift, Magne rejects strength, Fjor makes a power grab and a circle closes ranks. Laurits learns the truth, and Iman reaches out to Ran.


On finding out that his prayers worked and he lost his powers, Magne was relieved. Fjor takes back Jutul Industries leaving Saxa out. Magne goes to see how the planning for the fight is going on, but he wasn't welcome anymore as Iman had Harry in his place. Wotan tells him that everything that made him special had been taken away from him and thus he could not be a part of it anymore. Magne tries to stop thinking about it, but he couldn't ignore the fact that his team was using their powers selfishly, for their own benefit. Laurits goes back to Jutulheim and is found by Ran who demands back his key. When he asks her if he could keep something to remember Vidar by, she cruelly tells him that Vidar had, in the end agreed to kill him, and Laurits is hurt and horrified. Turid finds out about Laurits keeping the world serpent which she doesn't know anything about, and thinks it is just a disgusting pet in his room, and confronts Laurits immediately about it, but he convinces her to let him keep it for the moment. Magne apologises to Laurits once more and tells him that he thought Vidar wanted to hurt him, and he doesn't just want to be the man who killed Laurits' father, but his brother. He also tells him that he gave up his powers after the incident. Laurits forgives him and they hug. Fjor fires Turid because of Laurits. Magne gets furious and tried to confront him about the unfairness of him firing his mother, but he didn't have any powers anymore, leading to Fjor knocking him down easily. Magne again tries to talk to Wotan and asks him if there's a way to do this without killing anyone but apparently, there is no other way which really frustrates him since he doesn't want to kill anyone or jeopardise his relationship with his brother again. After Fjor is back and is taking over everything Saxa did, Ran still takes Fjor's side leaving out Saxa. Saxa decides to vote Fjor out with Laurits' help as he is also a member of the Jutuls. Saxa offers Laurits the Key of Jutulheim and a lot of money if he helps her to get what she wants. Fjor and Ran don't like the look of this, so Ran drives Laurits home and warns him to stay out of it and tells him all he ever will be to her is a bastard. Laurits mocks her saying that even as a bastard he had an actual relation to Vidar, while the rest of their family wasn't really a family at all. Ran attacks him, and Magne steps in trying to help his brother, but without his powers he can't do anything. That's when Magne realizes he cannot give up his responsibility simply because he wants to, and he decides to do whatever it takes to win the battle. He goes back to Wotan to actually seek for his powers back, and accepts that he would do whatever is necessary. Wotan tells him that his greatest weapon, Mjölnir, the only way by which he can stand a chance against the Giants. Magne decides to lie to Laurits for the sake of the world, to get the key of Jutulheim which Saxa gave him.





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  • Turid is fired by Fjor in this episode.
  • Magne being so distraught over having taken a life, even Vidar's, that he gives up his powers. Realizing he's now helpless to fight the Jutuls and protect humanity, he goes to Odin to ask for his powers back. Odin's willing, but only if Magne commits himself to the fight, ready and willing to kill. Magne refuses, still refusing to accept there is no better way. It takes some supreme balls to walk away from the Allfather, especially when he's in one of his more uncompromising moods.
  • Laurits turning the tables on Ran in epic troll face Loki fashion, by pointing out to her that the reason she hates him for being a bastard is that not only are giants infertile with humans normally, but they're apparently infertile with each other (or at least, Ran is). Just like the last time Laurits roasted her, Ran can do nothing but sit and fume as he demolishes her with a cheerfully cold smile on his face.


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