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Laurits Seier (portrayed by Jonas Strand Gravli) is a main character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.

Laurits is Magne Seier's younger half-brother. He is the reincarnation of Loki, the god of mischief.


Laurits is Magne's younger brother and the second child of Turid Seier, with whom they moved to live in Edda. Together with Magne, goes to Edda Secondary School, because Laurits skipped few years ahead they are in the same class.

He is very confident, mischievous and unpredictable, qualities often associated with the God of Mischief, Loki. He is linked to Loki in a similar way to how Magne is linked to the God of Thunder, Thor.

Laurits is open about his sexuality. From the beginning he doesn't hide his obvious attraction to Fjor Jutul. Unlike his brother, he spends a lot of time around Jutuls and quickly joined their group of friends.

In the series[]

Season 1[]

As soon as he returns to Edda with his family, he tries to bond with the most popular students at the school, the Jutul family. He has a strong attraction for Fjor Jutul, son of businessman Vidar Jutul and school principal Ran Jutul.

Season 2[]

Laurits becomes more insecure about himself, and feels that he is different from his family. Unlike Magne, he doesn't share any qualities with their father. His mother, Turid, eventually confesses that she had a one-night-stand with Vidar and that Laurits is actually Vidar's son. This means that Laurits is a half-Jötunn.


Laurits is a troublemaker and a deadpan snarker, and is called an Emo by the other kids; he is not overly prone to Wangst.

He is usually open to voice his negative opinions, for example, expressing his view on Turid and Erik's relationship to the two of them. He isn't bothered by possible consequences since he usually doesn't take responsibility for his actions. Watching events turning out in a considerably bad way amuses him.

Laurits has a conflicting personality, with a mixture of revolt since his father died and a desire to assert himself. He loves Magne, but he doesn't miss the opportunity to screw with his brother if that's funny.

Despite being problematic, enjoying and teasing others, Laurits demonstrates a sense of justice and uses his skills to defend his brother.


Laurits has long dark curly hair and blue eyes often with dark circles underneath. He is skinny, pale and relatively short. He likes to wear dark clothes and on his hands often appear a bunch of rings and black nail polish, what makes his group of friends call him "emo". He is also often seen with a black pair of headphones around his neck

In episode Yes, We Love This Country Laurits dyes thier hair blonde, one of the main reasons was to be more similar to Ran Jutul who he dressed up as on Constitution Day, to give his student speech. He keeps the blonde hair from this episode into season 2.


Magne’s father and Laurits' adoptive father, Asbjørn, died in an accident when they were young children. They were both raised by their mother. In season 2, we get to know that Laurits's biological father is Vidar Jutul.


Magne Seier[]

Laurits can be found constantly teasing his older half-brother and usually putting him in more negative than positive light around others. Magne often doesn't express any significant reactions to the teasing - and also isn't afraid to say something back. When these two don't fight, they care for each other and keep good sibling relations.

Even though Laurits doesn't stop himself from many of these, often cruel, kind of actions, even goes as far as sending Magne a text message indicating that their mother's condition is concerning and make him come all the way down the mountain, as a joke - which results in Magne leaving Isolde alone up there. However, if there's someone else to give his half-brother a hard time - he is ready to stand by him. In the last episode, upon hearing the school headmistress bad mouthing Magne, Laurits asks her a moment later if there's a chance for him to get the student speech on May 17th - just so he can in a joking way point out wrongness about her and her family's actions.

Sadly, later on in the series, the relationship between Laurits and Magne grows more and more strained. When it turns out that Magne's father is in fact not Laurits real father, but Vidar Laurits suddenly finds himself in a complicated position. Naturally, he is eager to bond with Vidar, as he never felt like he belonged in own family. He starts hanging out with him more and more, even going on motorbike trips with Vidar. This hurts Magne deeply, as he feels that he is losing his brother to the Jutuls. Though Laurits assures him multiple times that Magne is still his brother - going even as far as tricking Vidar into giving him the keys to the house, so that Magne can execute his plan - he is still torn between not only two families, but two sides of a war as well.

When Laurits gets into an argument with Vidar, Magne feels compelled to intervene, worried that Vidar might hurt Laurits. The fight soon turns vicious, ending with Magne killing Vidar with an axe. Laurits is furious with Magne, for taking away his father when he had only really known him for a few days. He had just found someone who made him feel like he fitted in, only to see him being killed by his brother, of all people.

Fjor Jutul[]

In season 1, Laurits develops a crush on Fjor and also seems to not be necessarily hiding it, in fact it's quite noticeable. At the school party Laurits and Magne look at Gry and Fjor talking to each other. Laurits quickly noticing his half-brother's interest in the girl, says in an ironically apologetic tone that she is taken - on what Magne bites back saying that then Fjor is taken too.

Later Laurits attempts to flirt with Fjor as he notices him standing alone, staring at Gry dancing few meters away in a group of her friends. Firstly he asks if "he is only into dull, blonde girls", and after Fjor simply answers to never set limits to our imagination - Laurits assures him that his own imagination is vivid. Fjor seems to be noticing what Laurits' playing at, but doesn't confront him about it, instead he states that he is very different from his half-brother. Laurits first takes is as a compliment, but when it quickly turns out to be only an attempt to ask him about Magne, he answers him with a moderately negative description of his half-brother, trying to hide his disappointment.

His crush is unreciprocated as Fjor falls in love with Gry, this however doesn't stop him to still hang out with him and his friends a lot. Fjor doesn't mind that, as their good relations allow him to get to know Magne better.


In season 2, Laurits meets Jens. He is working at Edda's fast food restaurant, Edda Grillen. And already in the first episode, we get to know that Laurits has a crush on him.

But in episode 6, Laurits finds out that Jens is dating, and becomes heartbroken.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality: Because of his Jötunn heritage, he can potentially live forever if not killed.



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  • You can basically flip a coin to decide if Laurits is going to help or hinder Magne at any given moment.