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Mjölnir (from Old Norse Mjǫllnir) is the hammer of the thunder god Thor. It is the world's most powerful weapon. Thor used the hammer to defeat the giants. When Thor threw the hammer it always returned to his hand.

It is now in the hands of Thor's reincarnation, Magne Seier, in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.

In mythology[]

In Norse mythology, the dwarves forged Thor's hammer, they were the greatest in the art of fortune.


Mjölnir was created through the trickery of the god Loki also known as the trickster. Loki was up to his customary shenanigans one day, when he got on the wrong side of Thor after he cut off the golden locks of hair of Thor’s wife, Sif. Thor became infuriated and threatened to shatter his bones, but Loki managed to dodge Thor’s wrath, promising he would acquire even lovelier locks for Sif from the dwarves. Thor capitulated and let Loki go to Svartalfheim, the caves where the dwarves resided.

The dwarves were allegedly master craftsmen and thus Loki succeeded in his task, even managing to trick the dwarves into producing more treasured items. Loki accepted the wondrous new head of hair from the sons of one of the dwarves, Ivaldi. The two dwarves also created another two magnificent pieces, Skidbladnir, a ship that could fold up to fit in one’s pocket and always had the best winds in its sails, and a deadly spear called Gungnir. Loki was enamored by their masterful work and decided he wanted more! He tricked another two dwarf brothers, Brokkr and Sindri, into crafting further fine works for him. He manipulated them by saying they would not be able to craft better items than the other two brothers had. Sindri then created Gullinbursti, a boar with golden hair, even though Loki had turned into a fly and tried to put him off his task. Sindri created another piece called the Draupnir, a golden ring which reproduced itself eight times every ninth night. Next, Sindri began to work on a hammer, but Loki, who had turned into a fly again, bit him on the eyelid. He managed to still produce Mjölnir even with Loki’s interference, but the weapon ended up having a shorter handle than he wished.

The two dwarf brothers, Sindri and Brokkr, went up to Asgard to claim payment for the three magnificent pieces they’d created, but unfortunately for them, Loki arrived back first. Loki gave the hammer and new hair to Thor, the ring and spear to Odin, and the ship and the golden-haired boar he gave to Freyr. The gods acknowledged Loki needed to stick to the deal he had struck with the dwarves, which now required him to offer them his head! He had bet his head on the dwarves not achieving his challenge, yet he still managed to worm his way out of the arrangement. He reminded the dwarf brothers that his head was attached to his neck and he had not promised them his neck too! In the end, the dwarves were happy to merely sew Loki’s mouth shut!

In the series[]

To stop the giants from destroying the world, Magne and the other gods had to forge Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, in order to have a chance in the battle for the world.


Odin confesses he's finally ready and hatches a plan with Iman (Freyja) to take him out of the retirement home, as he's in the old man, Wotan's, body. They recruit Harry (Týr), the god of war, as well as Halvor, an orderly and dwarf, and sneak into the old factory of Jutul Industries A/S, where the Eternal Fire is hidden beneath. There, Magne and co. forge the ideal hammer, using a feather from the Völva Wenche's eagle form and an arrowhead from the Jutul arsenal.

It comes at a price, though, because Fjor finds them and beats down Harry and Iman, while the police arrest Halvor, who distracts them just like Wotan did with the factory guards earlier. Magne escapes, however, and while the others are reprimanded by the law and their places of employment, Magne's bravery and determination allows him to head to the mountains and call down lightning once again. It charges Mjölnir and powers him up, but this time, Thor, the god of thunder, has been fully reborn.




Season 2[]

Powers and Abilities[]

The hammer is used as a helpful tool for both Thor and Magne to control their powers, as well as a weapon for war.

  • Weather Manipulation: Wielding Mjölnir grants its master the ability to control the base elements of a storm, i.e. rain, wind, thunder, lightning and more (although Thor could control them by himself, it seems that Mjölnir boosted his ability of controlling the base elements of a storm).
  • Flight: Mjölnir's user is capable of hurling it with great force through the air at tremendous speeds, and always return to its user.





  • In the sixth episode of season 2, Mjölnir was used to destroy the Jutuls' car after they attacked Laurits.