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Odin [o:'din]
King of gods. Sacrificed his one eye to gain eternal wisdom, and could see into the past, present and future. Father of Thor and foster brother of Loki.

Power to the People is the third episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the ninth episode in the series overall.


Edda rises: Magne confronts Ran, and Laurits proves a point. As protests gather momentum, a king walks again, and a master manipulator gets played.


Before dying, Wenche leaves her magical necklace to the one eyed old man in the scooter wheelchair, which later summons the spirit of Odin who now takes Wenche's place in the battle. Laurits manipulates Vidar into giving him a key of Jutulheim. Later at night, Magne and Laurits sneak into the Jutulheim to forge Mjölnir in what they mistakenly think is the eternal flame, in the living room. They are caught by Vidar, and Laurits is labelled as traitor. Later Ran, who had already hated Laurits since he was a bastard, convinces Vidar to kill him for being a traitor. Magne, Laurits, and Iman meet Wotan (Odin). Wotan doesn't let Laurits be a part of their group as he is a giant and he tells the boy that even if it's not his fault, being a traitor is in his nature. Upset and angry, Laurits steals Wotan's blood, and injects it in himself making him a half god and a half giant. There is a protest against Jutul Industries in which many students from Edda Secondary School take part in. As Vidar's car is being blocked by the people. Laurits begs Vidar to let him come with him after being rejected by Wotan (Odin) despite trying to help the Gods. Vidar agrees. In Jutulheim, Vidar tells Laurits he is invulnerable to all weapons excluding the Old World's. He takes an axe with the intention of killing Laurits, but Laurits who had actually began to care for Vidar, in denial that his father would actually try to kill him, freezes. Magne who had followed Laurits sees Vidar raising the axe steps in, and a fight ensues between the two of them, ending with him killing Vidar to save his own and Laurits' lives.





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  • Odin officially appears in this episode.
  • Laurits injects himself with Wotan's blood to become a god.
  • Vidar dies at the end of this episode, impaled by his own axe.


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