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Saxa Jutul (portrayed by Theresa Frostad Eggesbø) is a main character in the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok.


Daughter of the Jutul couple, Saxa is one of the most popular students at the school, both for her physical attributes and for her leadership position and her "better than others" air. She is a Token Rich Student, she shares this with her brother Fjor, being the children of the head teacher and of the owner of the local factory. It remains unknown how old she is exactly, but since she is a Jotun, she might well be several thousands of years old.

In the series[]

Saxa is one of the main villains of the series.

Season 1[]


Season 2[]

Jutul Industries is supposed to go to Fjor, but he does not want it, so Saxa takes over.

Fjor takes back the Jutul industries, leaving Saxa out.

After Fjor is back and is taking over everything Saxa did, Ran still takes Fjor's side leaving out Saxa, Saxa decides to vote Fjor out with Laurit's help as he is also a member of the Jutuls. Saxa offers Laurits the key of Jutulheim and a lot of money if he helps her to get what she wants.

One day at Jutulheim, Fjor is pissed that tax authorities have an upper hand. Saxa suggests to appeal emotionally rather than rationally. Later, Fjor and Ran find out that Saxa gave the key to Laurits and they punished her, before leaving to kill Laurits. Magne goes to Jutulheim to face Fjor, only to find an injured Saxa there. Saxa offers to help Magne and they end up having intimate intercourse.


Saxa is very popular but also very arrogant. Her attitude comes from the fact that she and her family are, in fact, seen by humans as gods. However, today, they try to live mixed with humans, without revealing their real nature.


Saxa is a young beautiful girl with short blond hair and hazel eyes with a lithe figure. It's said that many if not all of the boys in her school are obsessed with her.




Vidar Jutul[]


Ran Jutul[]


Fjor Jutul[]


Gry Isungset[]


Magne Seier[]

Even though they are enemies, Saxa has a lot of sexual attraction towards Magne, culminating in them sleeping together in the later half of season 2. She has a lot of belligerent sexual tension with Magne. She even makes a "We Can Rule Together" offer to Magne in the Season 2 finale following her defeat in the ongoing inter-Jutul family conflict. But Magne rejects it because he does not want to rule together According to the show.

Laurits Seier[]






Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Strength: Saxa possesses great strength, shown when she faced Magne.
  • Superhuman Speed: Being a giant, she is much faster than humans.
  • Superhuman Durability: As a giant, Saxa hardly tires, requiring enormous physical exertion.
  • Superhuman Senses: As a supernatural creature, giants possess enhanced senses, such as hearing beyond the limits of humans.
  • Immortality: As a giant (Jötunn), Saxa was immortal. Her immortality allows her an almost unlimited accelerated healing factor, the only things that can kill her are old world weapons.
  • Shapeshifting: During Power to the People, it is revealed that Saxa and all the other giants possess the ability to change their appearance by increasing and decreasing their age and changing the color of their eyes, which are originally orange, which is why she and the rest of the Jutul family were not discovered to be giants.



Saxa holding her spear as seen in Brothers in Arms.

Her personal Old World weapon is a heavy war spear that she has yet to wield in actual combat, but at least she already demonstrated considerable javelin skills with the school's sports equipment. When she attempted to kill Magne with it.



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  • Saxa is based on Járnsaxa.
  • Saxa's name refers to that of the giant Járnsaxa. According to Poetic Edda, the first book to be recorded by Völuspá (the seer's prophecy about Ragnarök), Járnsaxa was Thor's lover and had a son with him, Magni. As we already know that Magni's name was used as a reference for the character Magne, it is likely that Járnsaxa's name is also just a way to keep the characters with names known from mythology.
  • In Season 2, she proves herself to be a very ambitious and talented business woman. Too bad nobody appreciates her efforts for being a woman, a Jotun woman, at that.