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The second season of Ragnarok was announced on March 4, 2020. Just a few weeks after it's Netflix release, Netflix confirmed that a second season would be on the way. The streaming service released several pictures across it's various accounts to announce the series. It launched globally on Netflix on May 27, 2021.


Magne has to accept that now that he’s ready for battle, his enemies are too many and too strong. Is there anyone else who, like him, has supernatural powers? And will he be able to find these people in time? And what happens when it turns out that his little brother, Laurits, is also quite exceptional, but that he views the world very differently from Magne? In the second season of Ragnarok, the conflict gets tougher, evil gets more focused, and the choices ever more desperate. In the midst of all this, Magne is faced with the fundamental question: How far are you willing to go in order to save your family?





  • Episode 1 - Brothers in Arms - May 27, 2021
    • A battle ends with a bang - and an ominous promise of violence. After visiting another realm, Magne hunts for allies while Vidar marshals his forces.
  • Episode 2 - What Happened to the Nice, Old Lady? - May 27, 2021
    • The truth hurts, and a fight for hearts and minds kicks off. Vidar gets under Magne's skin, Iman feels her power, and Laurits discovers his dark side.
  • Episode 3 - Power to the People - May 27, 2021
    • Edda rises: Magne confronts Ran, and Laurits proves a point. As protests gather momentum, a king walks again, and a master manipulator gets played.
  • Episode 4 - God Is God, Though All Men Death Had Tasted - May 27, 2021
    • A patriarch passes - and a strange new creature is born. Magne tries to change, Laurits lashes out and Fjor charts a new path. Saxa and Iman step up.
  • Episode 5 - Know Yourself - May 27, 2021
    • In a seismic shift, Magne rejects strength, Fjor makes a power grab and a circle closes ranks. Laurits learns the truth, and Iman reaches out to Ran.
  • Episode 6 - All You Need Is Love - May 27, 2021
    • Desperate times fire up Magne and his crew as they go on a risky mission. The Jutuls face an unforeseen enemy while a formidable ancient force awakens.


  • Soon after the release in March 2020, Netflix confirmed that Ragnarok has been renewed for season 2.
  • Written by award-winning writer Adam Price and Emilie Lebech Kaae and will be directed by Mogens Hagedorn.
  • The streaming service confirmed in a press release on Wednesday September 2, 2020 that production has begun.