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Perceived as one of the gods, but originated from giant blood. In old myth, seen as a demonic creature: unsteady, unreliable, teasing and ambiguous. Foster brother to Odin. "Father" to the Midgard Serpent.

What Happened to the Nice, Old Lady? is the second episode of the second season of the Netflix Original Series Ragnarok, and the eighth episode in the series overall.


The truth hurts, and a fight for hearts and minds kicks off. Vidar gets under Magne's skin, Iman feels her power, and Laurits discovers his dark side.


In an attempt to sway Laurits to his side, Vidar takes Laurits on a trip up the mountain to spend time bonding with him. He attempts to get Laurits to spy on Magne but Laurits immediately sees through him and refuses, but Vidar is regardless, not very upset and actually seems to enjoy spending time with Laurits. Magne and Laurits have an argument as Magne tries to tell Laurits that he can't get close to Vidar and Laurits accuses him of being jealous of Laurits having a father now. The hammer made by Harry does not work since it wasn't properly forged. Later Vidar takes Laurits to Jutulheim. There, Vidar offers the mead of the Old World to Laurits. After drinking, Vidar performs a ritual which makes Laurits one of the giants. Laurits stands in front of the mirror in their bathroom and sees a dark haired shadowed figure with a tattoo and laden with accesories who blows him a kiss, and he realises he is the embodiment of Loki and believes what Magne was saying. Laurits tells Magne that even if Vidar is his father, they are still brothers and informs him that Ran plans to kill Wenche because the Jutuls discovered that she was helping Magne. Magne rushes to her but is too late to save Wenche.





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  • Loki appears in this episode.


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